Ways to Improve your B2B Lead Generation Strategy


In the era of the technology-empowered customer, the long-established B2B lead generation strategies would no longer be capable of cutting it. A blend of inbound marketing, content marketing, and social media marketing could be the key reaction. A business that lacks right leading is much like a car without an engine; regardless of the type […]

How to Teach your Team to Love Risk


Get out or Stay out These were the words that Thankyou founder Daniel Flynn challenged the attendees with during a recent event. Needless to say, people were left surprised. However, Daniel’s purpose was not to ask most of the audience to leave the event hall; instead, he was trying to provoke people’s thinking. He tried […]

More work doesn’t equal more success


One of the most critical skills that a startup founder should have is to decide whether to spend time or how much time should be spent on one particular thing. If you should work on your product or come up with a new marketing campaign, do fundraising, talk to users, go to a networking event, […]