Top 10 Mobile App Development Companies in USA

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As essential as it is to have a mobile app for your business, choosing the right type of developer is also crucial. And by that, I mean having an app development company well-versed with all the intricacies involved in building a mobile-friendly app.

There are many aspects to having a good mobile app development company at your corner. Some of the rather important qualities include: • Platform-specific expertise in the knowledge of various platforms including iOS, Android, and Windows, as well as cross-platforms such as Flutter or React Native. • User Interface (UI) & User Experience (UX) orientation. • Mobile-friendliness to work across different screen sizes and software. • Enhanced integration of services such as payment gateways and social media. • Responsive design for a seamless performance. • Offline functionality is all the way better. • And finally, the cost- the most important factor for the majority of us.

And now that we have that out of the way, let’s find out some of the best mobile app development companies in the USA being the capital hub of all things digital.

1. tecHindustan: Best Mobile App Development Companies of USA

Known for their tech-savviness, tecHindustan as the name suggests, is a passionate lot of individuals all the way from India who have made a remarkable impact in the world of app making.

Well-reputed in Silicon Valley, CA, they have come a long way in just under a decade ever since its inception back in 2015.

Serving hundreds of thousands of clients across the globe, tecHindustan is a team of dynamic individuals who offer customized solutions in the fields of E-commerce, Finance, Education, Travel, and so on.

Experienced and partnered with some of the most renowned brands such as Shopify, Oracle, Web Flow, and Azure, tecHindustan is more than capable of developing mobile-centric apps for businesses and customers alike.

What makes them rather efficient in the realm of mobile app development, is their versatility to adapt to different platforms be it open-source or cross-platform.

Apart from offering both full-service and custom-made solutions, tecHindustan is fully skilled when it comes to integrating the latest technologies and trends into your mobile app.

While keeping the minimalist style of approach, they also have the ability to harness the power of AI, machine learning, IoT, and other autonomous technologies to your favor.

With stunning visuals and operational designs, tecHindustan specializes in making high-performance apps for businesses of all kinds at unmatched prices.

Qualities such as these and more make tecHindustan one of the most reliable firms for hire mobile app developers in USA and the rest of the world.

2. Lickability: Mobile App Development Company USA

Next up, we have Lickability- a software studio situated in the Big Apple (New York City) that builds high-end apps, or as they like to put it, ‘delightful apps’ for their clients.

Inspired by Apple, and hired by the likes of The Atlantic, Jet, Meetup, and more, Lickability is a stylish app-building company that makes equally user-friendly apps, especially for iOS so much so that Apple calls their app buttons almost lickable!

3. Hyperlink InfoSystem: Top App Development Companies in USA

Located at the One World Trade Center in NY, Hyperlink InfoSystem is arguably the No. 1 software development company in 2024.

Officially affiliated with giants such as Google, Oracle, Salesforce, AWS, etc, the company has developed over 4500 mobile apps as of now and counting.

Known for its superior AI-driven apps, Hyperlink InfoSystem also offers lifetime maintenance of your data backups in case any data is lost or misplaced.

4. Jafton: Best App Development Companies

Jafton, previously known as The Real Start LLC, is a reliable app development company that has built over 200 mobile apps in over 30 different languages.

Experienced in some of the most advanced digital technologies such as Apple’s Vision Pro and Blockchain, Jafton uses the Agile method for developing customer-centric and flexible mobile apps for a wide variety of businesses.

5. AppMakers USA: App Building Companies

AppMakers is a leading app developer in the USA, centered in Los Angeles, CA, and serving clients across the nation including the NFL!

Some of their famous apps include the Number Hive, CVS Pharmacy, and Eksperience.

Offering app development for both iOS and Android at the price of one, AppMakers is especially great for people looking for cross-platform mobile app development.

6. Naked Development: Mobile App Development Company in USA

Rated R in the field of mobile app development due to their bada** computer skills, Naked Development is all about merging technology with simplicity.

By launching over 300 apps for brands such as Experian, Bank of America, UPS, and the American Red Cross, Naked Dev has made an unforgettable mark in the realm of mobile app development.

No wonder they’ve been named as the best app developers by none other than Design Rush.

7. Michigan Software Labs

As the largest app developer in the state of Michigan, the Michigan Software Labs is well known for its UX designs in the tech industry.

It is for this reason and more that the company has been able to become a part of both Google and Apple’s App Development Programs as well as a legit partner of the University of Michigan.

8. HubSpire

HubSpire is a one-stop-shop for all things digital including on-demand mobile app development.

As one of the fastest-growing companies and best workplaces in the world, HubSpire relies on its culture of CLASS- Care, Learn, Achieve, Share, and Social Responsibility to create stunning and smart mobile tech solutions for both businesses and end-users.

Certified by SBE & MBE, and featured on UpCity, it is one of the top app development companies in the USA.

Check out their case studies for an up-close review right away.

9. Infinum

Speaking of the best mobile app development agencies, Infinum is yet another name that pops up in mind without a second thought.

Existing since long before App Store was a thing, Infinum has earned over 200 pounds worth of awards for their indisputable contribution to the mobile app industry.

Known for their cutting-edge solutions, they have a long list of clients in the fields of energy-efficient appliances, smart living, virtual healthcare, automotive, and the film industry.

With brands such as Nike, Warner Brothers, Philips, and Virgin Mobile, Infinum has made its presence known in the international app development community.

10. Wve Labs

At last, we have Wve Labs! Recognized by Forbes and powered by Clutch, it is a 5-star app development company that professes technically sound and aesthetically appealing app designs for users from all walks of life.

Associated with powerhouses such as Sony, Honda, Guardian, and UNICEF, Wve Labs has made some of the most iconic apps for mobile users across a wide range of expertise.

From electronics to communication to sports to music, they have gained a substantial amount of experience in app making.

So no matter the niche, with companies such as these, achieving unprecedented success in your business is just one step away.

But before finalizing an app development company for building your proprietary mobile app, make sure to check and compare their prices to obtain the best deal possible.

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