Long Sitting Inimical Effects Of Computer

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Long Sitting - Bad Effects Of Computer | Sitting Job
In the modern era, computer and internet has become an obligatory part of our life. We are so reliant on computers that we tend to ignore the adverse effects that it can have on our body. This techie lifestyle tend to have many health hazards. The modern day offices are built around sitting, such that you can conduct business by making phone calls, sending e-mails and faxes, and can even participate in video conferences, without even leaving your chair. Sitting for long time is bad because lack of movement slows down your metabolism, reducing the amount of food that is converted to energy and thus promoting fat accumulation, obesity, and the litany of illnesses like heart diseases, diabetes, arthritis, and more that comes with being overweight. HEALTH RISKS DUE TO LONG WORKING HOURS ON COMPUTER: 1. Neck and Shoulder Pain Nowadays, neck pain is a common problem that is faced by every individual, no matter what his/her age is. Poor sitting postures and excessive computer usage can lead to severe neck and shoulder pain. Many people experience neck pain or stiffness occasionally. In many cases, it’s due to poor posture or overuse of the computer systems. Sometimes, neck pain is also caused due to the injuries from a fall, contact sports, or whiplash. 2. Eyes Strain Working on computers for long hours can have direct impact on your eyes. Prolonged exposure to working on the computers causes various health hazardous like dry and watery eyes, pain, itching, discomfort, headaches, blurred vision, and moreover, excessive strain on the eyes can also cause Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS). Blinking the eyelids more often not only moistens your eyes but also prevents it from dryness and irritation. Else, you can relax after a while by closing your eyes to give rest. 3. Wrist Pain Days and nights pounding away at your Android keyboards while countering to emails or writing reports can cause injuries that can sooner or later become a serious health issue. Repetitive use of wrist movements causes pain, numbness and tingling sensation in the arm and mostly in the thumb and the index finger. Remedies to such health issues are to take frequent breaks and a little stretches. Adjust your posture to reduce strain on your wrists. Keep your body relaxed. 4. Obesity It is pretty obvious that sitting for too long in continuity tends to fatness. No movement means, no burning down on calories and thus giving invitations to serious health hazards like diabetes, cardiovascular disease, gastric attacks and at last a call to severe cancerous diseases. To prevent such hazards, we should go for morning or evening walks or some other workout options. 5. Social Cutoff Computers have disconnected us socially from all human beings. People love to spend time on system than hanging out and socializing with friends. Lots of social media sites have made human lazy, as these sites provoke people to communicate with their friends online and at their convenience. One should socialize and go out with mates otherwise they will be left with depression and loneliness. Chit chatting in person is far better than on social media sites. Too much of anything is bad. Computers definitely have adverse effects on our body. Working for long hours on computers have left you with nothing besides serious health issues. I am not saying that work is not important, but precautions are ultra important. The key changes for that, take incessant breaks, perform stretches after recurrent times, get up to walk and collaborate with people.

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