What are the major benefits of SEO in 2019

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SEO has introduced one of the most revolutionary shifts in technology and digital marketing strategy. The core concept behind SEO has been championed by businesses around the world, giving SEO the center stage in 2019. While SEO may be a complex domain, the benefits of SEO are widely known. The core concept remains the same, as it evolves in multiple areas. An SEO company may suggest one strategy in a certain timeframe, and another to get ready for the years to come. Additionally, the benefits of SEO for website optimization continue to expand as there are multiple levels of advantages of adopting SEO. Research from HubSpot indicates that 94% of all web traffic is organic with the first spot on the SERP receiving around 35% of the CTR. It’s even higher for mobile devices. This means that if you’re not on the top page of Google for the keyword that you need to rank for, you’re not receiving the benefits of Google search optimization. Here are some of the major benefits of SEO specifically in 2019 –

Greater access, more results

As technology expands and becomes more accessible, the volume of searches rises. This means that businesses can reach a wider audience in 2019 and explore deeper searches within domains. Businesses can map out the query journey for a consumer and start building a relationship with them directly. Additionally, brands have greater access to search engines on traditional social media. As it becomes increasingly difficult to reach audiences organically on social platforms, SEO strategies start paying off as long-term investments. Google’s algorithm is constantly evolving ensuring that all brands have an equal shot at reaching larger audiences. From a technology perspective, this increases access to SERP management and Google’s advanced tools allows digital marketers more scope in development. The benefits of SEO far outweigh the cost, as 2019 is all about reaching wider audiences.

Greater focus on AI-driven analysis

One of the greatest areas of impact for SEO focused business is the extent of AI in the search engine algorithm. Now with the power of AI, Google is able to have a more holistic approach to search engine ranking. This means that highly qualified articles and content pieces have a greater shot at making it to the top of the ranks. 57% of B2B leads are generated via SEO strategies. For specific keywords that are important to brands, quality can now fully outrank spends. This means that brands that focus more on quality pieces and answering real queries can get the benefits of the billions of searching on the platform. As industries widen, there are more opportunities for companies to rank higher for unique keyword combinations.

Enhancement for Video driven and Image driven content

Google is pushing video and image-based content for results as well. This means that platforms or businesses that focus on video will receive major benefits of SEO practices. Google is pushing more video results on the feed, and mobile users prefer watching a video over reading text. This is giving businesses major results in terms of engagement and time-spent-on-site. This has an additional effect on the rankings of the content pieces that have video and written content on them. They’re ranked higher and the efforts pay off in the long-term. Black hat SEO is making way for White Hat SEO practices, which means that brands focusing on the customer experience will receive major benefits.

Dominating a niche effectively

Brands can start to explore new niches in the domain within their industry. This can impact the value of the ranking and expand the business significantly. SMEs can focus on smaller markets and still receive greater results from their SEO practices. When it comes to the benefits of SEO for niche-driven businesses, there is significant leverage in ranking higher for keywords. Smaller startups or new brand entrants can start early and dominate on a particular keyword. This can help expand the business as it grows through various stages of maturation. It’s ideal to focus on some of the major benefits of Organic SEO, however, there are some lesser known benefits as well. Let’s discuss them briefly as under:
  • Thought leadership. When it comes to customers understanding your product and your knowledge in the eco-system, thought leadership is a premier way to do so. Customers appreciate thought leaders for sharing their valuable insights in a certain topic or domain. Additionally, there are advantages that go far beyond on-page SEO or link-building. Thought leaders have the power to engage an audience. That engagement comes with advantages in terms of business-ROI and more. That’s why it pays off to engage in SEO activities as the results are greater for more keywords.
  • Positioning. Brands can position themselves in a certain way for customers that they’re interacting with. This ensures that they can create a unique image in the minds of the customers while promoting their products and services. Positioning also helps in making your brand unique in the marketplace. As industries get increasingly saturated, an effective SEO strategy helps in increasing the value given to readers. Qualified positioning strategies start to take rise and engagement increases as well. This leads to the next stage of branding which is mass awareness.
  • Better CTA effectiveness. Another lesser-known benefit of SEO is the effectiveness of on-page traffic. When brands have certain CTAs that they’re tracking, it helps to generate more traffic coming in from specific keywords. It also helps to have a coherent strategy when it comes to building leads. When brands engage in white-hat SEO practices, they can enhance their long-term CTA effectiveness. Customers can engage with the brand’s message overall and click on the desired outcome. Whether that be for a specific product or a general message, it helps to generate a fully functional pipeline of traffic.
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