Technology that Unshackle Us

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Technology that Unshackle Us | Tech the Best Innovation
Technology is the best innovation to decamp from reality and a way to be role models of some sorts. It brings power in you and encouragement in the society of technology that make things work great and makes it possible for many things that you may think it would be impossible to achieve. Technology has been developed to ought to serve, but rather as an inconvenience to be eliminated. For other ideas on increasing your happiness quotient at work, we always look for the easiest ways to do our work and trust me; technology has made it happen. We inhabit an age of extraordinary intimacy with technologies and other gadgets, few of us are now without the tactile, a constant presence of at least one smart device in our pocket or wrist is always there. Technology has just changed our lifestyles on how we share, communicate, read or parent, all has been replaced by a new way to explore. Greeting a friend on their birthday or sharing pretty much anything, anywhere, anytime. It now is no longer a luxury, but a utility. We are no longer using the traditional route of sharing information and emotions. We are using the all the natural resources available for making our life better. And undoubtedly, we all are surrounded with Technologies that bind us. There are, of course, those who seem to be trying to set us free from these shackles that make or encourages us to be so indolent. Even technology has been to that way that it changed longstanding false Notions of the people. Advances in technology are wonderful. That is till the power goes out. Then you sit in your home and realize just how dependent you are on the technology that surrounds you. It empowers everyone to do what they want to do, it makes people creative and productive as well. It let people learn things that they thought they could learn before, and so in a sense, it is all about potential. It's engrossing people so much to live freely and doesn't have to focus on balance. Technology is tracking us everywhere we go. It always going on either to be invented or adopted. Believe it or not! Technology is a queer thing, it brings the great gift in one hand and stabs that to others in another one.

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