Go Digital | Go Technological | Step in to the App Business

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Go Digital | Go Technological | Step in to the App Business
To stay in the play you need to create an app none less then possibly best and most flexible app. Coding the app right will allow it to float seamlessly in the android market; and as a matter of fact, each app has its own unique set of required coding skills. You will be shocked to know that the ratio of the Apple App Store to the Google Play Store is just 8 to 1. Apple focuses on paying more to those developers who build their app to be sold in exchange on revenues rather going with those who allow downloading for free. Whereas the Windows App Store still lags behind in the long run but it allows apps to run on the computers, mobiles, etc. as they solely believe in “the more mediums, the more downloads.” I would prefer to advise you to kickoff with a small start!

Selling your app for the first time? Think wisely!

Step in to the App Business In accordance to sell your app to get high rate on returns, I would suggest you to choose your first platform wisely. You are provided with only three stores i.e. the Google Play Store, App Store or Windows Store. Now decide your app’s fate to get the best ROIs. Take the following points into your head and choose wisely!
  1. The App Shopping
The news says that Google Play Store will play well in the android app market and will sooner become the hardest revenue challenger for Apple. The windows app developers are unable to throng the Windows App Store. Hence, is kept under consideration whether to call it a ‘Successful App Store’ in the upcoming future or not.
  1. Designing In A Way To Achieve Success
To achieve the best appearances I will suggest you to follow the following steps:
  • The Less | The More
As in app development, you are designing for the small screen. This principle must be followed up strictly in accordance to achieve positive customer feedback.
  • Pixels by Pixel Leads To Perfection!
The laziness should be thrown out of the box! The smaller the screen is, the bigger are the ROI.
  • Differentiate between: The Flaws | The Flow
It is highly suggested to accept your app’s flaws rather telling it as a flow or the so called feature! Try to be a bit professional and go ahead, grab the opportunity; “Success is all yours”.
  • Icons? Yes, they resemble your creativity.
Try focusing at your best on the icons of your app as it is the first step from where you’ll be getting your customer feedback.
  • Testing Your App
Testing your app is the best tailored method to know how well your app performs! Make sure you are testing your app on almost every possible screen size. Hire an experienced designer or use standard icons and do edit them as much possible.

Now the matter falls on Marketing

While making your first move to the app store it must be kept on the foreground of your mind that “Presentation is needed”. The screenshots make a huge difference! Make the best use of screen shots by highlighting the first three main instances.
  • Product Description:
In accordance to make your app a high yielding product, try writing a sales letter instead of a cold content description. In the digitized world, guiding and spreading awareness through videos is considered to be helpful in the promotion of your product. Try to create video for every app you create.
  • Branding:
Make your app live on all the possible social media platforms. Create your apps identity or the profiles and ensure them to be updated often. Branding plays vital, keep this in mind.
  • SEO revolutionizes:
If you are an app developer meanwhile you have a bit knowledge of the latest SEO updates I will suggest you to grind up all of your skills to spread awareness worldwide. Add as many back-links in your app as possible and that too from as many quality back-linking sites as possible.

Deriving Revenues by Tricky Business

Step in to the App Business a There are only three ways out to derive revenue, the choice is all yours…
  • Fixed price selling.
  • Rent out ad space and give it for free.
  • The in-app purchases, sell the uniqueness of your app.
Personally, I think that the best way out to derive best revenues is by grinding up the all above three steps together. You could go with the PRO version that includes no ads with extra features or you can stay up on to the free version that includes ads. The present Android market is not only about building the apps from scratch rather creating the best ever apps from the developed ones. The features are just spun to get the best out of waste from the already developed apps. In the mean time, people always seek for something new from every new app they use. In my opinion, you are just required to widen the spectrum of your thinking and utilizing all of your creative and technological skills to develop the best ever used apps. The alternate to rescue the situation is to go on the platform like Apptopia that enables developers and investors to buy and sell apps online by making auctions. This leads to high rate on returns resulting in an app developed exclusively that is high yielding as well. This offers the developers in turning their creativities into revenues and making entrepreneurs get the ready-made or the ready-to-use apps. I hope the blog helped you well in making money and getting the best of revenues from your creativities. Lastly, keep the spirit of Appnovation in the foreground. Have a happy Apping!

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