Vision, Strategy, and Tactics! Know the Differences

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Vision: What you want your organization to be?- Your dreams! Strategy: What are your plans for achieving that vision? Tactics: How are you going to achieve your strategy and when? Your vision is your dream of what place you see your organization to be at after five years from now. Where your strategy would be the large-scale plan that you would be following to make dreams happen. Your tactics would be your actions that you'll take for following the plan. So, start working on your vision of the work done to the tactics.

Concepts Are The Same

Doesn't matter if you are planning for the entire company or just for your department the concepts are going to remain the same. The only difference is of the scale, moreover, in any case, you always work on the vision statement that is often called as the mission statement. When you are aware of the vision you can easily develop a strategy for getting you to the vision or the mission. When you are sure of the strategy, you can easily develop tactics in accordance with meeting up the strategy.



Setting a vision is the supreme idea of what the organization should be like. Usually, it reflects the founder's idea and dreams associated with the company. Your vision with the organization should be as clear as water and if the vision is clean and concise; everyone in the organization would be able of understanding it and can procure it with passion.



Your strategy would be one or more than one plans that you would be used for achieving your vision. A strategy looks inward in any business but at the same time, it also looks outwards for the competition and at the environment and business climate. Your strategy should consider all the serious issues and should focus working on the solutions that work and that remains true to your vision.



Your tactics are the specific actions, schedules, and the sequences of actions that you would use for fulfilling your strategy. If you are considering more than one strategy than you would have to maintain respective tactics for each.

Firm or Flexible?

Things change with time. You too need to change with them or sometimes ahead of them. Moreover, with respect to vision, strategy, and tactics, you need some flexibility and some firmness as well. Make a grasping hold onto your dreams and the vision, and don't let that to be buffed by the winds of change. Your vision should work as an anchor that holds all of the rest together. However, the strategy is a long-term plan and should be changed in response to internal or external changes, but on the other hand, it should be done with considerable thought only. Your strategy should not change until you have a set of new strategies ready. Still, the tactics are more flexible. In any case, if any tactic isn't working, modify it and try again.

Managing The Issue

Whether for one particular department or the entire company, for a multinational company or for one person company vision, strategy, and tactics are essential are the essential agents that are required to be balanced. The first and foremost thing to do is establishing a vision and making a hold on it. Later developed a strategy that will help you in achieving your vision, change it afterward as you meet internal or external changes. Develop some flexible tactics that can help you in moving towards fulfilling your strategy.

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