Let’s Learn ANDROID


Android is a mobile platform that consist of 3 things such as: Operating System Middleware Key Applications I’ll justify this definition with the help of architecture. So, here it goes: ANDROID ARCHITECTURE The software stack is split into four layers and those are: The main responsibilities of Operating System are: Memory Management Driver Management Resource […]

Some basic tips for JavaScript Beginners


There are some basic tips that are used in JavaScript. They will surely help you in your daily JavaScript practices.

#1 Place Scripts at the Bottom of Your Page

For a better page loading as quickly as possible. It is good to place the
script files at the bottom of your page before closing the body tag.

Technology that Unshackle Us


Technology that Unshackle Us | Tech the Best Innovation Technology is the best innovation to decamp from reality and a way to be role models of some sorts. It brings power in you and encouragement in the society of technology that make things work great and makes it possible for many things that you may […]



Gaining Entrance To The Clubhouse It is always better knocking the head of a professional designer and getting the best fit out there! As the logo helps in representing your business standards; your very own logo will look like a potential customer first, and a representative second. For Selling Something Sizzling The first ever question […]

Convert your eCommerce Store into a Revenue Conversion Magnet


Running an e-commerce store is not that difficult as it was a few years back. This is the only reason behind the rush of websites in the online retailing market. The only challenge this e-commerce websites face is, attracting the relevant traffic to their products. And we all are aware of the fact; No Traffic means No Sales!

Go Digital | Go Technological | Step in to the App Business


You will be shocked to know that the ratio of the Apple App Store to the Google Play Store is just 8 to 1. Apple focuses on paying more to those developers who build their app to be sold in exchange on revenues rather going with those who allow downloading for free.

A device that speaks your language: Google Pixel!


A phone, in the present era, is the most important thing that we own and in the run, they rarely leave our side. The first ever product made “InsideOut” by Google that describes the absolute best hardware and software fabricated into one single unit; the sleek design, the exceptional camera, and a dynamic […]