PHP Development

Our team helps in creating best back-end platforms to ensure your app performs well. They are Zend Certified and believe in combining both, the creativity and the imaginations to render user-friendly and appealing websites. The team is capable of handling all the programming and the development services. Our programmers use all the tools to create interactive yet appealing outcomes. They try meeting up all the requirements of the global clients.


As PHP offers faster loading speed to your website, hence is useful and saves your budget at Google crawl; resulting in higher rankings of your site. The features that tecHindustan Solutions stuffs in for attaining quality PHP Developments are HTTP authentication with the PHP, Using Remote Files, Connection handling, Command line usage, Garbage collection, Dtrace Dynamic Tracing. It is advantageous that the PHP language may be embedded with the HTML code or can be used in combination with the various web template systems. Maintaining the quality; our experts keep security on the foreground of their minds. In accordance to achieve a highly secured website they enrich it with security features like Database Security, Filesystem Security, Error Reporting, and much more.


tecHindustan Solutions is composed of a team of experienced software professionals including Zend certified PHP Developers. The language offers a large array of functions; out of which many are available in various number of extensions. 75% of websites like Facebook, Wikipedia, WordPress, and Yahoo use PHP for theirWeb Developments. The language can be used for command line scripting and client side GUI applications. PHP is useful as it can be expanded on many web servers, operating systems and platforms. The technologies we are using at tecHindustan are depicted in the illustration on the left.

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  • "Team at the tecHindustan found ways to create sites lively. I have never seen any application which is not only digitized but lively. The team knows the need of the changing trends. Totally recommended!"
    Derrick Chen
  • "I have experienced a career growth with tecHindustan. They together form a strong team whose outcomes are appealing. I am totally satisfied with the tecHindustan."
    Gurmeet Singh
  • "The way they deal with clients, the way they add extra efforts in developing the apps and products is totally appraising. They meet up all your requirements. I am happy with their services. "
    Angela Simon