Simplifying the Internet of Things for Everyone!

Let the world be as accessible as you want it to be.

Know the Future Closely with Our IoT Development and Consulting Services

We build IoT solutions that empower the world and comply with all major industry standards. We work closely with hardware developers having expertise in engineering skills that solve the deep-rooted problems prevailing in the industry. Let’s revolutionize the industry with futuristic IoT solutions to deliver new ease to the world.

Let the Data-driven IoT Processes Benefit You

Take smart control of your homes and cities simply with mobile phones. Our IoT team is in the loop about all types of communication and network protocols, hardware interfaces, and sensors. We design secure, cost-efficient, and time-saving solutions suiting every industry type to collect data from any source and make it accessible from your mobile device with real-time updates.

Process IoT data in the cloud

Tap into our cloud computing expertise to transfer huge data collected into the cloud via gateways for on-demand access. Our cloud applications manage data to scale down your IoT processes without any additional set-up costs in real-time.

Structure your IoT Ecosystem and Analyze Big Data

Get full control over your IoT ecosystem with our easy-to-use but functionally built admin panels and cloud dashboards. Leverage our IoT apps to empower users to access and utilize actionable IoT insights via the web or any mobile device.

Be Future-forward with Our IoT Development Services

Our IoT experts take the lead from day one to scrutinize your requirements, develop a hardware-software integration plan, and build the hardware infrastructure to streamline your IT and operations with IoT.





We Have What It Takes to Succeed with the Internet of Things

Partner up with tecHindustan IoT specialists to leverage advanced IoT prototyping techniques and production-oriented planning. Let our team of IoT experts help you steer your company's growth and expand with IoT innovations every day.


years of experience per person on average


seasoned data scientists and cloud architects


web and mobile app developers


top-grade UI/UX professionals


expert QA engineers

Our IoT teams prioritize

Early value delivery

Early value delivery

Leverage secure, power-optimized IoT prototyping kits to drive tangible business value as early as possible. From microcontroller-based boards to single-board computers.
Reliable connectivity

Reliable connectivity

We empower your business with next-gen always-on connectivity to stay ahead of the curve. Depending on the required bandwidth, range, power, cost, and reliability.
Robust scalability

Robust scalability

Our engineers draw on their extensive experience to design highly scalable IoT architectures that support millions of connected devices.
Industry-grade security

Industry-grade security

With the rapidly expanding IoT attack surface, we make security our top priority. From anti-cloning capabilities to secure OTA updates to sensitive user data protection.
Excellent usability

Excellent usability

We engage top-notch mobile developers and UX designers to create intuitive, user-friendly IoT applications that bring value to your customers.
Outstanding quality

Outstanding quality

Leverage our comprehensive QA approach to ensure quality and eliminate risks. From simulation to manual to automated regression testing to quality control.