How to Find the Right SEO Marketing Company in US

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a key aspect of online/ digital marketing.

In short, it is the process of improving your brand’s visibility and driving organic and unpaid traffic.

In other words, it’s all about bringing those customers or clients to your site who are most likely to buy from you sooner or later.

You see, there’s a reason why SEO is termed as the topmost inbound marketing tactic by the majority of marketers.

As essential as it is, the more you adhere to SEO parameters, the more your chances of being seen by the local and global audience.

There are several factors that make up SEO as a whole including keyword research, backlinks, page loading speed, mobile friendliness, and most of all user experience (UX), Sounds a bit technical?

Well, don’t worry, There are tons of SEO professionals that you can hire to build a Google-friendly site and learn the ins and outs of it while you’re at it.

What is An SEO company?

An SEO company or firm refers to someone who provides professional SEO services to businesses of all kinds.

As a well-trained digital marketing firm, they should be fully versed in all the intricacies and technicalities involved in making a site SEO-enabled.

With all the latest tools and techniques at their disposal, and foreknowledge of upcoming trends as well, a professional SEO marketing expert would be more than able to do that with ease.

From the time of optimizing your site to the moment of launching it to keeping an eye on it in real-time, a good SEO marketing agency will be there for you every step of the way,

Should anything go wrong or if you’re not obtaining the desired results, you can always approach your SEO marketing firm for necessary changes.

How Does An SEO Company Work?

Like any other online marketing firm, a specialized SEO company works by following a simple yet sometimes intricate format of search engine optimization.

Encompassing a wide array of services and factors, some of the best SEO Marketing Services in US rely on the dynamic ‘Agile SEO’ method to build a robust SEO framework for your website.

In essence, it follows a well-planned roadmap for search engine optimization through several steps and phases such as planning and design, development and testing, deployment and review, and finally launching your website in real-time.

Let’s take a closer look:

Step 1: Plan or Analyze

First things first, i.e. understanding your project’s goals and requirements.

To do that, an SEO marketing expert or team of experts from the company that you have hired will analyze and determine various factors such as KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and conversion rates.

Step 2: Design or Strategize

Based on your business goals and market opportunities, they would further devise a foolproof plan for your site’s optimization for Google and other major search engines.

Step 3: Develop or Execute

Next up, a good SEO marketing agency will start executing the strategic online marketing plan (SOMP) across all your web pages and digital content.

While paying close attention to important SEO factors such as high-performing keywords and backlinks, an SEO company will also leverage multiple channels to improve your website’s performance.

Step 4: Test and Deploy

After successful execution, they would run multiple tests to ensure seamless performance and quality assurance before deploying it for end-users in real-time.

Step 5: Monitor and Report

But the job is not done yet!

Once deployed for real-time use, your SEO-friendly website and other online marketing channels will be closely tracked by an SEO expert who will share the data with the rest of the team.

Step 6: Adjust and Modify

Finally, your SEO marketing firm would analyze this data and make necessary changes wherever applicable or needed to improve your site’s overall SEO functionality.

Albeit, an integral part of website design and development, most development companies include only the most basic SEO as a part of their services and not the advanced ones.

What Services do SEO agencies offer?

As I said above, SEO companies offer a wide range of search engine-related services from basic to advanced.

Nonetheless, all the different types of SEO services are interconnected in the end and play a crucial role in improving your site’s ranking in SERP (Search Engine Result Page) and thus the online brand visibility.

That said, here are some of the most common and important SEO services that most SEO agencies offer:

On-page SEO

Or, on-site SEO is perhaps the most important of them all. That’s because, in an on-page SEO, it is all about improving your official website and webpages individually, which as a whole is the cornerstone of your online business.

Off-page SEO

On the contrary, off-page SEO is about improving everything that is on the outside of your brand’s website such as social media, backlinks, online reviews, and so on.

After on-page optimization, off-page SEO is the most crucial aspect for increasing your brand’s exposure and credibility in the highly competitive online market.

Technical SEO

As the name suggests, is about working on the technical side or backend aspect of your website which is quite essential for ensuring better speed, crawlability, and user experience of your interface.

That is, if Google is not able to crawl or index your website in the first place, then you won’t be ranked at all, period.

Local SEO

Local SEO pertains to searches made in your local region. For instance, those searches that include a location or ‘near me.’

Unfortunately, about 58% of businesses don’t optimize for local search.

Therefore, by optimizing your site with local SEO, you will have better chances of being seen by the local audience which is quite important should you have a physical store to sell your products and services.

E-Commerce SEO

If you have an online store, then optimizing it for e-commerce is all the more vital.

By integrating e-commerce SEO into your website and other shopping platforms, you can draw more traffic and sales.

Keyword Research

Google has come a long way from showing results based on keywords alone to now being able to answer questions directly and come up with relevant results using images, links, and whatnot.

Regardless, the significance of targeted keywords especially long-tail keywords hasn’t faded as they get 1.76 times more clicks than single-word keywords.

To make the most out of your website, optimizing it with trending keywords that most customers use to find relevant results is integral.

Mobile SEO

No matter how cool and functional your website is, if it is not compatible with smaller screens and smartphones, then I’m afraid you might be missing out on a lot of big business opportunities.

With the number of smartphone users closing in towards the 5 billion mark, the need to have a mobile-friendly version or mobile app of your site and web pages is indispensable.

Link Building SEO

Link building or back-linking is the process of improving the number and quality of inbound links from other vendors that bring prospects and audiences to your products and services.

As one of the top three SEO ranking factors, building actionable backlinks and other CTAs is a must-do maneuver for marketing and sales.

Content SEO

Nothing can beat the good quality and original content that informs the audience about your products in an entertaining way.

Be it story-telling, catchy video/ audio clips, or any other type of digital content, a good content SEO strategy will include everything that can be used to entice your customers.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

After everything, the end-goal of SEO is to generate more leads and improve the conversion rate. This is where CRO or conversion rate optimization which is the process of enticing customers and site visitors to take a desired action comes into the picture.

Aside from these, there are many other SEO services such as AI, machine learning, voice search, and so on that may vary from company to company.

How to Choose the Right SEO Marketing Company in US?

Choosing the right SEO marketing company in US or anywhere else for that matter is all about your budget and business requirements.

To avoid getting lost amidst the vast number of SEO marketing companies in US, here’s what you can do:

1. Define your goals and set clear expectations.

2. Look for someone experienced and local.

3. Shortlist multiple candidates for hire SEO Marketing Expert in US.

4. Check their tools and tech stack.

5. Compare prices and services.

6. Go through the reviews.

Hire SEO Marketing Experts in US

When hiring an SEO marketing expert in the US, it is easy to be overwhelmed by the large number of options.

Especially, since the US is the world capital of the IT sector, choosing a specialized SEO agency could be all the more hectic.

To make things easier, we are glad to inform you that as a tech-savvy team of individuals, tecHindustan is more than capable of providing the best SEO marketing services in US.

Learned and trained by some of the sharpest minds in the digital world, we have all the latest tools, technologies, and methods to meet all of your SEO demands.

With a keen understanding of the digital market and emerging trends, tecHindustan may very well be the only marketing partner you might need for all your online business endeavors.

For more info, give us a call.


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