Long Sitting Inimical Effects Of Computer


Long Sitting – Bad Effects Of Computer | Sitting Job In the modern era, computer and internet has become an obligatory part of our life. We are so reliant on computers that we tend to ignore the adverse effects that it can have on our body. This techie lifestyle tend to have many health hazards. […]

A Developer’s Life


A Developer’s Life | Programmer’s Daily life Challenges For an individual, a good day starts with a perfect blend of coffee and for a developer at tecHindustan; a “super hit” day starts with some stand-up meetings and neatly written codes. However, ups and down are associated with every now and then so are with our developers. […]

Five Ways to Stop Getting Bored at Work


Being lethargic at office is that common situation that almost all office-dwellers face. Sluggishness is one of the irritating things that forces you to read out an email again and again mindlessly, there a meeting start and ends up by just glaring at the speaker’s handout with a feeling of freebie. Here are some tips n tricks that add crunch in your boredom and helps you to rejuvenate yourself enthusiastically.

Six Common Mistakes Made During an Interview


While facing an interview
It goes like…
Uh Oh! People Are Coming!
Better Put a Normal Face
And when it starts…
Ah! Yes I am Normal…!
No I am Not…!
You never need to get panic and make these discussed common mistakes while facing your interview as these may take-off the opportunity from your hands.