Why does your business need a mobile app? Here’s WHY!

Do you know that people look for the companies more favorably that have a closely related mobile app? The reason behind is the usage of the app is more than that of the mobile website or website. There are more than 34 million phones in the US as compared to the population living there. Apps […]

Benefits of using Automation Testing Tools for Mobile Apps


Benefits of using Automation Testing Tools for Mobile Apps Among software professionals, manual testing vs automate has always been a point of debate. Test automation can provide many benefits to your mobile app testing cycles, it allows you to build better apps with least efforts. Automated testing is known for its unbeatable quality of less […]

Go Digital | Go Technological | Step in to the App Business


You will be shocked to know that the ratio of the Apple App Store to the Google Play Store is just 8 to 1. Apple focuses on paying more to those developers who build their app to be sold in exchange on revenues rather going with those who allow downloading for free.

A device that speaks your language: Google Pixel!


A phone, in the present era, is the most important thing that we own and in the run, they rarely leave our side. The first ever product made “InsideOut” by Google that describes the absolute best hardware and software fabricated into one single unit; the sleek design, the exceptional camera, and a dynamic […]