4 Stages of Product Development


Every product goes through a natural stage of development, growth, and maturity. For a project to become successful in the technology domain, it’s important to have all the right pieces in place. That’s why project managers and tech entrepreneurs rely on mapping out the various product development stages to obtain greater insight into the next […]

What are the Habits of Highly Successful Startup Founders?


Thinking to start your own startup? There are few things that you would need to do first! Just try giving it a kick start by discovering your personality type and your limitations. Above all, it is important to know when you can do something yourself and when you need some outside help. However, exploring your […]

Increase Productivity: Ways to Apply the 80/20 Rule


What if you come to know that the mindset of 1906 can help in increasing productivity in 2017 Let’s talk about the 80/20 Rule- the Pareto Principle. The 80/20 Rule was named as the Pareto Principle and was name after the Italian economist Vilfredo Pareto, in the year 1906 he observed that 80% of land […]