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A California-based weed dispensary, achieved a hefty revenue of $23 million and acquired 490k new customers in the last 12 months.


GreenStone Retail


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About GreenStone Retail

GreenStone, a Southern California-based weed delivery dispensary, has not only become a prominent player in the cannabis market since its establishment in 2015 but has also achieved remarkable milestones. Specializing in delivering high-quality cannabis products, GreenStone takes pride in offering exceptional customer service. Operating in over 85 locations and with plans to cover every inch of California, the company is dedicated to streamlining the online cannabis ordering experience. From flowers and pre-rolls to vapes, edibles, and concentrates, GreenStone ensures a diverse range of products to meet every customer’s taste and preference. The company’s commitment to fast and reliable cannabis delivery throughout California underscores its customer-centric approach.

GreenStone approached us with several challenges, including the need for location-specific product delivery, improved visibility of driver information, streamlined user ID verification, effective loyalty program management, personalized product recommendations, brand promotion, and addressing a slow-loading website affecting SEO.

The Ecommerce App

The app lets you place your order with just a few taps. The intuitive interface makes it simple to add items to your cart, apply discounts, and choose your preferred delivery method. If you wish to schedule your order’s delivery, that is also possible with GreenStone App.

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Project Execution

Our approach involved implementing a dynamic solution for product delivery based on the user’s location, ensuring that customers could easily view items available for delivery in their specific area. We introduced features such as real-time delivery information and improved user identity verification, enhancing the overall customer experience. Our efforts extended to optimizing operations through tools that better understand customer preferences, leading to more personalized recommendations and an improved loyalty program. To simplify the online payment process, we integrated a seamless payment system, providing users with convenient options. Additionally, we made improvements for a faster website experience, addressing challenges related to inventory management and operational efficiency.

Our comprehensive strategy focused on tailoring the user experience, from dynamic product displays to real-time delivery insights. We simplified identity verification, optimized operations with customer insights, and seamlessly integrated online payments. These enhancements not only addressed specific challenges but also contributed to an overall improvement in Hyperwolf’s customer experience and operational efficiency.

Services Provided to GreenStone


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Project Challenges

Complex Product Display Customization

GreenStone’s goal was to provide customers with a seamless experience, allowing them to effortlessly discover products available for delivery in their specific area. Our challenge was to design a sophisticated system that not only achieved this but also delivered a highly personalized and location-specific product display. This approach aimed at creating an enriched user experience marked by tailored recommendations, ensuring that each customer felt a unique connection to the platform.

Efficient User Identity Verification

Ensuring the security and efficiency of GreenStone’s operation required us to tackle the challenge of streamlining the user identity verification process. Our task involved simplifying this intricate process, providing a seamless and hassle-free experience for customers. In addition to meeting stringent regulatory requirements, our solution aimed to instill confidence in users that their information was being handled securely and responsibly.

Enhancing Brand Promotion and Upselling

GreenStone’s ambition to elevate brand promotion and upselling presented a complex challenge. To address this, we implemented sophisticated tools capable of delivering nuanced and personalized product recommendations. This intricate task required a deep understanding of customer behavior, allowing us to tailor recommendations that not only complemented individual preferences but also contributed to an enhanced overall customer experience. The result was not just increased revenue but also a strengthened brand-customer relationship.

Project Conclusion

In conclusion, our collaboration with GreenStone has proven transformative, addressing challenges and elevating their overall customer experience. From personalizing product displays to streamlining verification and optimizing operations, our solutions have left a lasting impact. Transparent delivery processes, simplified user interactions, and enhanced brand engagement showcase the effectiveness of our approach. GreenStone now operates with increased efficiency and customer satisfaction, marking a successful partnership.

In summary, our strategic solutions have not only resolved challenges but also contributed to GreenStone’s sustained success. Transparent delivery processes, simplified user interactions, and enhanced brand engagement showcase the effectiveness of our approach. The operational efficiency and increased customer satisfaction stand as tangible outcomes of our collaboration. This success reinforces our commitment to delivering impactful solutions that propel our clients towards continuous growth and innovation.

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