Talk About React Js

Let’s Talk About React

Wednesday, 01 February 2017 by

There has been a lot of focus on user interfaces nowadays. They have to be snappy, media responsive, and beautiful at the same time. With projects like polymer and web components, google introduced the idea to build reusable components.

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Why should every programmer have a blog

Why should every programmer have a blog? Blogging and development are apparently poles apart. Blogging, however, it is a great thing – especially for developers! Whether you are a beginner programmer or a competent engineer, blogging can provide compelling benefits to you and your career. Apart from the idea of earning from your blogs, there

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social media marketing company India-Self Plagiarism

The most crucial element for any business is its brand name by which people can identify if it is a service company or a product seller. It is also one of the very first things one should think about and something that will stay stuck with your business for long. This is the reason, why

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A Developer Life | Programmer Daily life Challenges

A Developer’s Life

Tuesday, 03 January 2017 by

A Developer’s Life | Programmer’s Daily life Challenges For an individual, a good day starts with a perfect blend of coffee and for a developer at tecHindustan; a “super hit” day starts with some stand-up meetings and neatly written codes. However, ups and down are associated with every now and then so are with our developers.

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vtiger crm developers-automation testing

Benefits of using Automation Testing Tools for Mobile Apps Among software professionals, manual testing vs automate has always been a point of debate. Test automation can provide many benefits to your mobile app testing cycles, it allows you to build better apps with least efforts. Automated testing is known for its unbeatable quality of less

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web designing company in Mohali-brand


Monday, 19 December 2016 by

Gaining Entrance To The Clubhouse It is always better knocking the head of a professional designer and getting the best fit out there! As the logo helps in representing your business standards; your very own logo will look like a potential customer first, and a representative second. For Selling Something Sizzling The first ever question

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Convert your eCommerce Store into a Revenue Conversion Magnet d

Running an e-commerce store is not that difficult as it was a few years back. This is the only reason behind the rush of websites in the online retailing market. The only challenge this e-commerce websites face is, attracting the relevant traffic to their products. And we all are aware of the fact; No Traffic means No Sales!

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All you Need to Know About Shopify

Shopify- Shop-It-Why?

Tuesday, 22 November 2016 by

Shopify- Shop-It-Why? All you Need to Know About Shopify Have you ever wondered if we talk about purchasing a mineral water bottle why people refer it as “Bisleri” only? Because having a smart brand strategy will help you and your business stand out of the rush and convert your visitors to customers. Shopify is the

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hire wordpress developer-influencer

Footsteps to Becoming an Influencer

Tuesday, 15 November 2016 by

Footsteps to Becoming an Influencer | Guide Positively Hey! Have you ever wondered what influencers would have actually done for becoming the one to whom people love to follow blindly? The answer from many of you is comes like undoubtedly NO! So, for resolving the mind that runs round your mind I am presenting a

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Think Out of the Box d

Think Out of the Box

Monday, 07 November 2016 by

We are often told to think out of the box. But have anyone of us ever wondered “How”? And How exactly we are doing that?

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Go Digital | Go Technological | Step in to the App Business a

You will be shocked to know that the ratio of the Apple App Store to the Google Play Store is just 8 to 1. Apple focuses on paying more to those developers who build their app to be sold in exchange on revenues rather going with those who allow downloading for free.

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All About Google Pixel

A phone, in the present era, is the most important thing that we own and in the run, they rarely leave our side. The first ever product made “InsideOut” by Google that describes the absolute best hardware and software fabricated into one single unit; the sleek design, the exceptional camera, and a dynamic […]

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