Benefits of using Automation Testing Tools for Mobile Apps

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Benefits of using Automation Testing Tools for Mobile Apps
Among software professionals, manual testing vs automate has always been a point of debate. Test automation can provide many benefits to your mobile app testing cycles, it allows you to build better apps with least efforts. Automated testing is known for its unbeatable quality of less time-consuming efficiency. Moreover, most of the companies of the present era are still running on the manual testing methods as they don't know how to integrate automated testing in their app development processes. But here, at tecHindustan Solutions, we have integrated automated testing methods and have trained our team as well. Multiple answers can be found why automation testing is trending in IT. As a way to answer it, here is a list of top benefits of using automated testing:

24*7 testing

If you don't have lot of testing devices than you can use the automated testing tools that run 24*7 and tests your mobile application from 360 degrees. Another benefit of using automated testing tool is that you can use it remotely. No matters where you are in the world; you can start the test run while leaving your keyboard and get back to it the next morning. The results will be there and you can start working on it again!

Fewer Manpower Required

Now, for test automation tools you do not need a lot of people. What you need is just a test automation engineer who will write your scripts to automate your tests. Instead of hiring multiple manual test engineers, one test automation engineer can do it all and that too single handily.

The Reusable Scripts

The scripts written by the test automation engineer are reusable and you don't need to write scripts over and over again; even if the version of the OS of the device changes.

Early Bug Detection

The most attractive feature of automated testing in the mobile application is its early bug detection. These tools help you in finding bugs in the early stages of software development.

Continuity and clarity

Automated testing offers automation test engineers with a lot of benefits like they can see what other test engineers have done and what scripts they have already written. It also benefits the test engineers in fetching the history related to the project like what bugs were already found and fixed through clear projects.

The Vital Thing

One of the best methods of automated testing is the stress test. In stress testing; capacities of the application and the operational infrastructure is tested to its limits with the stress test. Moreover, automated testing allows you to test your app on thousands of devices, i.e., more than 18000 devices. Testing all of them would be impossible. However, there is always a downside to everything, so there are downsides of automated testing as well. There are few things that automated testing won't do like it won't fix the specific problems that users might face. The main function of automated testing is finding the bugs in the most simple operations. The automated testing performs only a few tasks like log into the app or send an email when the password is forgotten. From a developer's point of view, an app crashes in many formats and as we all know that machines are advanced but are not smart yet. However, some bugs like where the button has to be placed and how flawlessly the app can be used are performed only by the manual testing methods. Are you a newbie in the automated testing market? Here are some tools that can be used in automated testing for iOS and Android apps are:

Appium Android Automation Framework

Appium is a choice of many because of its use of standard automation APIs covering all platforms, and it deprives the need for modification. Also, it supports numerous programming languages such as PHP, Java, Node, Ruby, Python, and more. Appium has cross-platform flexibility for both iOS and Android, so it enables one to run the tests without any code change. Therefore, if you take a word combined from testers and developers, Appium is surely a good choice.

Cruise Control

It is a java based framework but it is used in a vast variety of projects. It allows the implementation of the continuous build process and it also allows the continuous integration of software development process. It has many plugins for a variety of source control, notification schemes, build technologies including email and instant technologies.

Ranorex Test Automation Tool

The automation testing tool for Android systems is presented by Ranorex GmbH. The tool is designed to help developers test desktop applications, mobile applications, and web applications. The test application is easy to use for developing and testing applications. The best part of the tool is its step by step guide that helps you in building the test environment and get started quickly with the tool.

Robotium Automated Testing Tool

The tool has full support for native and hybrid applications. The tool requires minimal knowledge of the application under test and the framework also handles multiple Android activities automatically. The benefits if this unbeatable tool doesn't end here. You can also check the Robotium Recorder that helps in recording the Robotium Test Case in just a few minutes. The tool now can also be used on Android Studio!

Monkey Runner Android App Testing

The tool provides an API for writing programs that control an Android device from outside of Android code. The tool is purely written by python programming language. There the test application doesn't support source code and this is the reason why testers don't really need much knowledge of source code.


It is an open-source automation testing tool that does automated testing using different web browsers. You can have an easy hand on various browsers like Firefox, Safari, Mozilla, Chrome, and IE. The Selenium WebDriver makes it hassle-free to carry out automated browser testing on a variety of web browsers. It is said to be the best automated testing tool because of its ease of testing, learning, and use.

Lambda Test

Lambda test is another considerable tool for automated testing with cross-browser testing. Lambda testing can surely come in handy to help run tests better and easily on more than a single browser. It enables you with real-time testing, which minimizes the chance of software failure and correct bugs. You don't have to worry about its responsiveness fo it iOS or Android as it is responsive on a variety of mobile devices with hassle-free resolution testing.


TestProject is a free-for-use tool with numerous functionalities. It is an end-to-end automation tool that is easy to learn and use for everyone. From freshers to experienced, everyone finds it supportive. It helps with confident deployment with open-source frameworks collaboration like Selenium and Appium, resulting in quality testing with speed.

The baseline

There are benefits as well as drawbacks associated with both the manual as well as the automated testing. However, automated testing can help a developer from the time he first commits the code.

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