Web Hosting Services

Web Hosting is a service that concedes users in making their website accessible & exposed via the World Wide Web. As soon as you select a webhosting plan, your website gets stored on a hosting server, and is assigned to a unique name server. The data like images, content, and codes are need to be hosted through the service called as web hosting.

Depending on the attributes of your website you can choose any of the arrays of Linux and Windows hosting plans. For the startups an affordable hosting plan is provided on Windows Essentials and Linux Starter Plan. The performance of your website totally depends upon the hosting plan you have selected.

Web hosting in India is increasing rapidly and we at tecHindustan offer you a place to Get Visible Online & Noticed!

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Types of various web hosting we offer are:

When you are planning to create a non-critical website just for fun then, Free Web Hosting is the best choice you can make. In a free hosting plan, often, the connection speed is slow, website may get down at times & again and advertising banners start appearing automatically. Many web host providers offer you domains on purchase basis while others have provisions of getting sub-domain under them like [yourname.wordpress.com]

Owners of two different websites share a single server & this may include the sharing of the software applications & physical server. The shared hosting is cost effective as a single server is shared between the two different website owners.

In the Dedicated Hosting an entire web server is exclusively dedicated to a single website owner. This result in faster performances of the website, however, the plan is quite expensive as you operate the server entirely without sharing. The plan is good for the websites where security is the prime concern.

In Collocated Hosting you have to purchase your own server and the owner will be liable for all the pros and cons of the server. The advantage of collocated hosting service is that you owe all control over the server. You are free to install the scripts or applications you need.

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