Kenitco Development

Kenitco is based on ASP.NET framework and has been in use for building over 18000 websites, portals, and online communities. The platform is being used by major brands like Sony, Vodafone, Microsoft, and many more.

At techindutan, our team has groundbreaking experience and the developers are well versed. Our Kenitco Developers offer you services like content analysis and migration, Kenitco solutions deployment, app development for mobile and site, solution for e-commerce development and much more.

Our competencies:

Advantages of hiring our Kenitco Developers:

  • We have in-house certified kenitco developers.
  • Our developers offer Kenitco creative designs.
  • Social media application development on the Kenitco platform.
  • It has browser-based image editor for quick resizing, cropping and rotating the images.

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